Culture and Community

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The foundations for quality of life are often found in the way communities celebrate culture and embrace new members in their community. What makes Kitscoty a great place to live? How can Kitscoty’s sense of community be strengthened?


it is fairly close to amenities and medical facilities and a real small town atmosphere. to strengthen the community there needs to be social interaction without a lot of cost. right now if you are into community theaters and suppers there is social life but if those don't interest you or the expense of it is too much there is nothing and that is only a few times a year. An outside pool, a place to skate outside and simple cheap activities that everyone can partake without having to dish out a lot of money would get people together. there is absolutely nothing here especially for the younger ones that don't drive. no place for them to hang out even a skate park or bicycle track would be nice. I am sure most parents would take part in maintenance as long as it isn't fixed. everyone isn't always available.

Sun, 12/04/2016 - 23:16

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